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Flying Hearts
SKU 1341331151

Bring your wall to life without having to paint it!

 Our decals are made ​​of non-toxic polymer vinyl with standard German specifications.

The set includes:

1 Heart 22 cm, 1 Heart 16 cm, 2 hearts 11.5 cm, 1 Heart 10 cm, 1 Heart 9 cm, 1 Heart 6 cm and 10 pcs floral designs

  • Choose the color of your wall (from the palette background)  and the color of  the sticker from the palette provided to find the best color combination that suits you.
  • And for those who don’t like the idea of a sticker on their wall we give you the option to choose if you want the image in a form of a paint mask (stencil). In this case the color of the sticker is gray with low grip adhesive so you can easily unstick it. (Even in this case you should choose typical a color to complete the purchase)


Note: There is always a small deviation from the colors that show on your computer with the real thing.

*All decals is without Background (transparent or any other color)


Start Price: 28.00 €
Price: 21,00€
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