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Application Instructions

To achieve great results please read the instructions before you start.

It is not difficult and usually takes minutes to apply.

Here is your wall decal ready to install.

A credit card or other flat edged item can be used instead of the squeegee



There are two pieces, the back white part and the front tranfer tape.

It is ok if the transfer tape has wrinkles when you receive it.





You will then need to measure and position the wall.


Next step you will want to do it to rub over the image with the enclosed squeegee to make sure the image will adhere to the top transfer tape.

Then pick a corner and start to peel the transfer tape up, allowing the image to be on the top layer.




Peel back half of the tape, or to the point you put your masking tape, and holding the tape up, take a pair of scissors and cut the backing paper away.




After that using the squeegee lay the image and tape down onto the wall or surface rubbing over gently getting rid of any bubbles.





Peel the backing paper of the 2nd side and using the squeegee lay the rest of image and tape down onto the wall.


Start peeling from one corner at an angle leaving the image on the surface.

On some lightly textured surfaces, you may need to go very slow and rub harder for the small designs to stick.




If your wall is not smooth then just press with a sponge on the sticker to take the shape of your wall.

For better results if you want use a hairdryer.




That's all !!!

You can enjoy your wall!


1) Before use place the decal on a smooth surface and press the transfer tape with a plastic squeegee or credit card.

2) For small detailed decals and metallic colors: Sometimes if the decals not unstick from the backing paper press again with a credit card and try to pull up the backing paper and not the transfer tape.