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Christmas reindeer
SKU 1354615625

Wall decal Christmas reindeer

Bring your wall or window to life with this Christmas stickers without having to paint it!

 Our decals are made ​​of non-toxic polymer vinyl with standard German specifications.

The set includes 1 reindeer 33 x 16 cm, 1 Merry Christmas 60 x 22 cm, 18 stars

  • Choose the color of your wall (from the palette background)  and the color of  the sticker from the palette provided to find the best color combination that suits you.
  • We also give you the choice between the original or inverted image.


Note: There is always a small deviation from the colors that show on your computer with the real thing.

*All decals is without Background (transparent or any other color)


Start Price: 37.80 €
Price: 28,35€
Sticker Categories: Christmas

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