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Suzuki wheel rim strip stickers Design #1
SKU 1520331848

Set of 12 pcs wheel rim strip stickers with logo Suzuki

The ideal solution to improve the look of your bike

  • Choose the diameter of your wheel front and rear
  • Choose the color of the surface that the decal will be placed from the palette background and the color of the decal you want from the palette provided to find the best color combination that suits you.

*The stickers is without background transparent or any other color. The purpose of option Background is only to have a view how the stickers look on your wheel

Custom made decals from combined self adhesive color vinyl for outdoor use manufactured in latest technology cutting machines.

Note: There is always a small deviation from the colors that show on your computer with the real thing.

*These decals are custom and not genuine

*The use of a logo without permission from its copyright owner is at your own risk.


Price: 27,00€
Sticker Categories: Wheel rim stickers