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Varadero xl 1000v MK3 2011 set
SKU 1633085561

Full custom kit stickers for Honda Varadero xl 1000v MK3 White model 2011 (tricolor decals)

The ideal solution to replace old and worn out decals of your motorcycle

Custom made decals printed in high quality polymeric vinyl and UV laminated for maximum durability

*These decals is printed on transparent vinyl and is made only for the White model

*The logo Varadero is not 3D, is printed grey and is useful to spot your old 3d logo

If you like any other combination of colors please let us know

*There is always a small deviation from the colors that show on your computer with the real thing.

*These decals are custom and not genuine

*The use of a logo without permission from its copyright & trademark owner is at your own risk


Price: 69,90€
Sticker Categories: Honda

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