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Application Instructions

To achieve great results please read the instructions before you start.

It is not difficult and usually takes minutes to apply.

A credit card or other flat edged item can be used instead of the squeegee.

There are three pieces, the back white paper, the decal and the front tranfer tape.

It is ok if the transfer tape has wrinkles when you receive it.

Things you'll Need:

a) A container with water spray
b) Plastic squeegee or credit card
c) Heat gun or hairdryer
d) Non-shedding cotton cloth or kitchen paper


1) Fill a small container with spray water and put 1-2 drops soap.
2) Thoroughly clean the surface we want to place the sticker and are careful not to leave any dust, glue or oil.
3) Pull up the sticker with the application tape and sprayed with water.    Also sprayed with lot of water the surface we want to spot it.
4) Place the decal on the surface and spot it.
5) With a plastic squeegee or credit card press soft from the center to out the water and the bubbles and after that press harder
6) After 2-3 hours (depends on the ambient temperature, sometimes in winder takes much longer like 1 day) pull up the application tape and dry the surface with the non-shedding cotton or the kitchen paper.  If any remains are left bubbling or water press softly with the plastic squeegee again but cover it this time with a non-shedding cotton cloth to avoid any damage on the decals.

In case if some bubbles remaining on the decal you can pierce the bubbles with a pin and leave it one day so can dry the water inside, The next day use a heat gun and press it with your thinker (not with credit card or squeegee card)


1) Before use place the decal on a smooth surface and press the transfer tape with a plastic squeegee or credit card.

2) For small detailed decals and metallic colors: Sometimes if the decals not unstick from the backing paper press again with a credit card and try to pull up the backing paper and not the transfer tape.



Don't try to wash the surface the same day.

Don't try to dry the decals hith heat gun when you use the wet way!

Must take 24 hours to be fully implemented

* On hard curved surfaces use a Heat gun or hairdryer to 40ο ONLY! and press soft with non-shedding cotton.

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